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 Jenfu, former super blogger

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Jae Baeli
Jae Baeli

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PostSubject: Jenfu, former super blogger   Jenfu, former super blogger Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 3:42 pm

(16 May 2003)

The Internet can be such a treasure chest. Amid my brief excursions into dictionaries and reference materials for my writings, i stumble on little gems that make me feel so fortunate. Not a Fountain of Youth, but maybe a fountain of comfort, entertainment, moments of peace or camaraderie.

One of those pearls is an online journal by a young woman with the moniker, Jenfu. I read her entries, and i feel inspired, hopeful, understood--jealous; i feel i want to know what she looks like, to put a face to the writing, i want to be her best friend. I eat through her entries, and think, "God, i wish i could write like that."

Quote :
"It isn’t that late, not much past nine, but it feels late. It feels like it could be any time after midnight, when things just stop and the background expands, and it is you, standing on a dark street against that dark backdrop, and everything in the world narrows down to you, alone, under the streetlight, your arms moving through the yellow light as if you’re underwater, and the only possible sounds are the scrape of your heels on the sidewalk as you shift from foot-to-foot, the rasp of fabric against fabric, your hands skating down your arms to clasp your elbows, pulling your body heat back into you, your breath, and the wind that flies up the hill, hits the street with a thud, and goes clattering down the sidewalk, down the other side of the hill." (Jenfu)

If i could grasp that intimacy, the vivid, picturesque quality of these vignettes, i could be a best selling author. (well, that is is the right folks saw it and offered me a contract). If my tortured prose could only spill out of me in that way, i would finally believe in myself.

As much as this is impressive serious writing, i find this next piece, RINGU, absolutely hilarious. I almost peed my pants, reading it.

**addendum. I lost track of her when she went on hiatus for a while, but did find her on Facebook. I sent her a freind note, see if she adds me and maybe i can get some copies of her old stuff to put here. I spent a long time googling her before (and i bet she didn't even feel it). Her old stuff is off the map except for stuff i printed. She was my favorite blogger for about 6 years. I only had one book written back then. Now i have 13. And...i'm STILL not a best selling author, because the right folks haven't seen them and offered me a contract. Damn it all to hell.

But anyway, I hope to hear from her and I'll post back later.

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Jenfu, former super blogger
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