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 Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan"

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Jae Baeli
Jae Baeli

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Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" Empty
PostSubject: Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan"   Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 1:23 pm

Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" Star3 Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" Star3 Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" Star3 Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" Star3 Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" Star3
"Another great book by Kelli Jae Baeli!

This is the third of Ms. Baeli's books I've read and I plan to read more of them. She is an absolute MASTER of characterization! After I read her books, I catch myself wondering about Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan" AF08frCvr_138x210the characters as if they were real people. And, no, this is not a sign I need to be in a mental ward somewhere; rather, it is a testament to how authentic her characters are. This authenticity extends to her plots as well. I can especially speak to the authenticity of the plot and characters in this particular book because I work in the emergency services field myself. This book in it's entirety, down to the smallest of details, is real enough to be based on people whom I know and work with daily.

One final big plus!... more often than not, I can guess "who done it" before the ending of a murder mystery and that just ruins the whole book for me. I also view it as a weakness in the writer's talent. However, not so in this gem of a psycho-thriller/murder mystery! I was totally and happily surprised! Reading this one was time well spent!"
~Tanya Gotcher
Little Rock, AR


"Enjoyed the story very much and did have trouble putting it down when I had to. Had that 'want to read more by this author' feeling when I reached the end. I was actually hoping Baeli would include a preview at the end, with an excerpt from one of her other books there. I also felt that the ending came too soon; I wasn't quite ready to be done with Amy and her friends. That's a good thing!

The plotting and pacing is excellent. Love her characters and the tension/conflicts revolving around them--very three-dimensional. Spicy details tastefully employed. Well done! The setting was great, too--fit her story perfectly.

Overall, "recommended." Say, four outa five stars? Baeli spins an engrossing tale, moves it right along, and mixes things up splendidly. Any sex she included was used to further the plot, without being offensive or prurient. She's a good, solid writer who deserves to be published. That's my take on it."
~Jim Bessey
Fairport, NY

"Baeli has outdone herself with the new offering of Achilles Forjan. Prepare for an quickly paced, psychological thriller that captivates the reader with dynamic characters and sleight-of-hand clues covering a gamut of genres. This witch's brew of medical, legal, psychological, and mystery motifs, is rendered more tasty by the pinch of romance Baeli adds. The result is a potpourri of all things found in the news, too strangely absurd to be fiction. Achilles Forjan is a modern day, forensic packed who-done-it that will tug you by your hair through each scenario. I was left with a lingering taste for more as the dichotomy of Amy Jane Spenser engaged all my senses."
~-Justice Harlow
author of The Recipe & Shall We Consummate?

"Achilles Forjan was a quick read and maintained my interest. I felt many different emotions, especially through Amy's character--sadness, regret, concern, happiness...I really wanted her to be okay. The story kept me on the edge, and it was an attention grabber. When I wasn't reading the book, I was thinking about it. Kelli Jae Baeli's novels are easy to get interested in, and hard to put down. They always have an unpredictable but happy ending. This ending was a big surprise- I was very pleased with it. I'll be looking for the sequel!"
~Shell Smith
Truman AR Star Star Star

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Reviews of my book, "Achilles Forjan"
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