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 KIWI Press

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Jae Baeli
Jae Baeli

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PostSubject: KIWI Press   Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:54 pm

Just an FYI. Since i am an Indie Author/Publisher, I do all aspects of the process myself (this was a conscious choice i made years ago for many reasons). That means, if any of you would prefer to go that route, I'd be happy to show you how. Think of it this way: what makes more sense--getting your work out there on your own terms, or letting it gather dust in a drawer for the rest of your life because the competition and the politics are are against you?

read1 So--once you've polished your work and made it the best it can be, we can get your book published with the KIWI Press imprint. All you would do is buy the $10 ISBN from CreateSpace (where i publish) under the name KIWI Press, and you will have to worry less about appearances. No profit for me, just a labor of love. Now, for more details about publishing this way, and why i do it, visit

Veteran Aspiring Author
Writing Words of Wisdom
Slings & Arrows
Lies from the Publishing SINdustry

Also check my writing videos in the video section, or visit my blog, where all my shorter writing is posted.

discussion NOTE: I am also willing to meet with any of you one-on-one if you want to discuss certain aspects of your writing project in more detail. Just contact me and we can set up a meeting.

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KIWI Press
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