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 Reviews of my book "Armchair Detective"

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Jae Baeli
Jae Baeli

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PostSubject: Reviews of my book "Armchair Detective"   Reviews of my book "Armchair Detective" Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 1:42 pm

Waiting on the sequel...
I loved this book! So much so, I've asked, more like plead with, the author to consider a sequel. I read this book after reading another of Ms. Baeli's books, A Random Act of Blindness. I think her characterization is genius, and whether you are gay or straight, you can identify with her characters. The sex is always very tastefully done so that even the most homophobic soul on the planet should be able to maintain their focus on the plot, which is riveting. And, besides, this is not pornographic; rather, it's about learning to trust and to experience true love which is something that the vast majority of us, gay and straight, hope to find in our lifetimes. I am currently reading a third novel written by Ms. Baeli entitled Achilles Forjan and am finding it every bit the delight that the first two novels were. Again, Ms. Baeli, if you happen to read this, please consider a sequel! I'm dying to know what JoBeth might get herself mixed up into next!
~ Tanya Gotcher,
Little Rock, AR
October 7, 2009

Author's Note: I am, indeed working on a sequel, to be entitled, Also Known As DNA.
Watch website for announcements of release date.

Could Not Put It Down!!
I listen to most of my books because I'm in the car so much. I looked for this author on audible and was sad not to see her there. I ordered the ebook anyway and I was so glad that I did! I devoured this book in a single night which is very rare for me. I am not a lesbian (although I do admit to a wild curiosity.) After reading this, lets just say, I walked away completely satisfied! :)
~R. Griego
Denver, CO
October 29, 2009

Lesbian Bedtime Story...
This is a delightfully enjoyable piece of lesbian fiction. All of the characters are believable and are far from being stereotypes. The two leading female characters are very different, yet inextricably drawn to each other. Jae Baeli gives these characters a psychological profile that is both revealing and vulnerable. The sex scenes are erotic and vibrant. The leading woman is a strong but vulnerable woman who makes lots of mistakes as an amateur private investigator. Classic cars, botched detective work, hot lesbian love scenes, black mail, x-rated photos, and electronic cigarettes are the main themes of this piece of fiction. Perfect for the coffee table or the night stand. A good bedtime story that won't let you sleep until you're finished reading.
~Gail C. Tracy "Tracer"
Denver, CO
October 7, 2009

Loved it...
"Well its been a long time since I read a book I just didn't want to put down. Armchair Detective was great. I think my heart just about beat out of my chest during the whole scene...So could you tell me where I can find someone like Phoebe? Or JoBeth? Talk about passion, Those two blew me away with all the affection that they had for one another. I wanted you to know the book kept my interest up the whole time. "
~ Lynnette Kuhnert,
Avid Reader in Fayetteville

"An intriguing and enjoyable read, Armchair Detective is the perfect rendezvous for the lover of escapist erotic fiction, as the reader becomes a voyeur to lusty liasons. The mystery fan will be equally satisfied as the story sticks to a well-paced, suspenseful plot that runs parallel to the budding romance. The beauty of Armchair Detective is that Baeli manages to balance the romance and suspense storylines, without sacrificing the credibility of either."
~ Justice Harlow,
author of Shall We Consummate? & The Recipe

From the Publisher:
"Jobeth O'Brien is driven by a dream to become a Private Investigator, but her past makes her guarded in matters of the heart. The story takes us through her first case, and her first love, both bringing her more than she bargained for. An erotic, funny, and suspenseful tale of one young lesbian's accidental growth."
~Lightswitcher Books

"A Tasty Morsel for the Mystery Buff...
Armchair Detective is a wonderful mystery with lots of plot twists that keep you interested and make you late for work. I am a fan of lesbian erotica, but i don't care for "nasty stuff." This was a great read because the erotica storyline was tastefully done. Basically, this book was believable. It was not filled with stereotypical lesbo charaters. They were healthy people that had a life in and out of bed."
~Ingrid Nelson,
New Jersey

"I need a cigarette!
Oh. My. God. How much did i love reading the sex parts in this book? okay, i am interested in other things besides sex. But this is really good in that area.The story was also excellent, and i enjoyed how fast it was to read. Really a good book-- i recommend it!"
~Pattie Reese, Yukon, OK

I wish i could forget...
Being from Oklahoma, it sure was nice to see so much detail in a book about an area i live in. Being a lesbian, i fully appreciated how realistic it was that a stone butch woman can meet someone who opens her up and teaches her to believe in love, and to trust again. This is a book i wish i could forget--so that i can read it again!"
~Sally Kerr,
Oklahoma City, OK

"Coffeetable goodie!
My best friend happens to be a female (i know--unusual) and while waiting around for her to get ready to go out one night, i picked up this book from her coffeetable. I became so involved after a few pages, i asked to borrow it. I'm glad i did. Now ive never read 'lesbian fiction' and i have no idea if it's all like this or not--but this book was really good. I have to admit i got a little hot reading the 'romantic' parts, but more than that, it really was overall a great read. I remained interested in the plot and in the two women. I look forward to Ms. Baeli's next offering. So my advice to anyone reading this review is that if you enjoy a good book--whether you're straight or gay, this is a good choice (as long as you're open minded)."
~Keesan Ludlow,
Colorado Springs, CO

So Good
Finished Armchair Detective this a.m. I must admit I like reading about openly lesbian characters, especially when the plot and writing are so good...Armchair Detective is excellent mind candy. My only comment at this point is I wish it were longer. "
~K. Archer, M.D.,
Longmont, CO

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Reviews of my book "Armchair Detective"
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